It's been almost a year since I brought Vara home and she has been incredible. I couldn't be happier
with her. She is smart, athletic, beautiful and such a sweet dog. My daughter loves her as much as I
do. Vara has a little brother (Skittles) who is a Yorkie/Maltese mix and those two enjoy creating
chaos in the house. Thought you'd be interested to see the beautiful dog she has grown up to be. I
spoil the hell out of her of course...raw diet..filtered water etc..I should eat that well....anyway, here
are some pics. She has turned out to be a heck of a Frisbee dog.

Meriden, CT
Apollo was an unexpected adoption for my husband and I.  Taking our other dog Numa to
classes at Petco, we noticed him sitting outside the store.  We instantly fell in love with his
adorable face and his personality won us over.  We knew right then and there that we had to
make him a part of our family.  Shortly after that, he was ours!

It's been roughly 10 months since we've adopted Apollo and he's been a wonderful addition
to our family.  Numa (our Australian Shepherd) has been so excited to have gained such an
exciting playmate and us, such a loving companion.  His personality is so wonderfully bizarre
that I know he will find a way to make us smile each and everyday; which he has already
accomplished from the very first day we brought him home.  Whether he is sleeping with his
legs straight up in the air or making me hold his paw while he watches T.V., he is a
comedian all in his own.   I can definitely see why he was originally named Goob, he
certainly is a Goober!

Thank you to everyone at Southpaws for giving us this amazing dog.  We couldn't be happier
with him as well as our experience working with you guys.

With love,

Heather, Alex, Numa & APOLLO
Wyoming, RI
It's amazing to look at the pictures
of how small Marty was when we
first got him! Now he's a monster!
but we love him!

West Warwick, RI
Words can’t express how happy we are with our
decision to adopt Tandy (now called Ellie). She’s fitting
Setter Amber. She really is sweet and gentle dog. She
greets everyone with a kiss in the morning and does the
most comical happy dance when she sees her food
bowl getting filled or her leash coming out of the closet.
She’s really developed a fondness for squeaky toys and
can usually be found carrying one around the house.
We are truly thankful for everything you and your
associates did in helping to bring Ellie to her forever

Wib & Deb Elliott