Hi Dawn and Lucy,

We've been meaning to catch up with you for a while now. Our Moxie (formerly Eudora) has been a great
addition to our lives. She is very playful, snuggly, energetic and loves socializing with other dogs. We're
really happy to have her, and she makes every day more interesting.

She grew quickly to about 20 pounds, and has remained that size since. The vet says she's a healthy
weight for her size, and she continues to have a clean bill of health. She loves playing with her toys and
going for walks around the neighborhood, which gives her a chance to use that beagle nose! We've also
taken her on weekend trips to visit family and friends, and she adjusts very well to new environments.
She's gone for boat rides on the lake, and even got to meet a lobster this past summer!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt her. It's almost her first birthday, and we look forward
to many more!

Best wishes,

Alex and Allison
Boston, MA
We wanted to thank you for helping us adopt Marvin this past
September.  We renamed him Buddy and he is just a joy.  As you
know, we rescued our one year old lab mix about a year ago and we
wanted to rescue a second dog to round out our family.  Maggie is
happier than I could have imagined having her new little friend
around. Maggie and Buddy have very different personalities. Maggie
is somewhat shy whereas Buddy is a joyous and fun loving. They
compliment each other perfectly and bring out the best in each other.

Buddy adapted to his new home almost immediately. The dogs'
favorite spot is lounging in front of the fire on their dog bed.  We
bought two beds to avoid the possibility of any territory issues.
However, they prefer to snuggle together on one.  Our decision to
rescue has been extremely rewarding. Our daughters understand
that both of these dogs came from high kill shelters and they may not
be here if we hadn't adopted them.  It is a lesson I am proud to have
my daughters learn.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to these
wonderful animals. And thank you for helping us to complete our
Susan and Bill
Sassy is a wonderful dog, we are all in
love with her.  She is smart and lovable
and healthy and funny and beautiful!  
She is gentle and playful with the girls.  
We are so happy with our new pup, and
we thank you for all of your efforts.