Dear Southpaws Express,

We would like to extend our
heartfelt thanks for the
wonderful things you do for
dogs and their adoptive
families.  We truly admire you.

Alice Luna is such a huge
part of our family.  She
makes us laugh every single
day.  The love she has for us
is equal to the love we have
for her.  Thank you so very
much for saving Alice so she
could become our little girl.

Pete and Sandy
Peru, Maine
Lucy, we would like to thank Southpaws Express for adopting
“Hanz”. We changed his name to Tucker and he is very
happy here. He adapted to his new home and family
immediately. We love having him here. He is an awesome
dog, highly intelligent, obedient (for the most part, he is still
a puppy after all), playful and happy all the time. He gets lots
of love and attention. He is thriving very well, our vet is very
happy with him and told me today that he is growing just as
he should be and for his age, almost 5 months, and he is
very smart. We have been taking him to puppy classes for
the past 6 weeks or so and he loves playing with the other
puppies and also enjoys people.

Thank you again for this awesome dog who is now part of
our family and keep up the good work your organization

We have enclosed a fairly recent picture so you can see
how adorable a dog he is.

Thank You

Denise & Ron Perry
Coventry, RI
......How very happy we are with
our little friend Zoe. She's such a
gentle, loving and happy dog and
we feel so blessed to have her.

She's great with other
people......young and old alike.
Tom and I are always telling
people her story and they are so

Thank you Southpaws  Express
for making our family complete!

     Tom and Kathy Hynes
       Wakefield, RI
Dear Dawn and Lucy,

Here are a few photos of my
"Sweetie."  She came to us in
January and has become a most
beloved family member.  She is my
constant companion, in the chair
while I do office work, and in the
field with me while I paint.  In the
morning she gets in bed with
grandson, Anthony to wake him for

I don't have words to describe how
much she means to me.  Thank you
so much  for letting me have her.
Please know that she is healthy and
happy and simply adored.

My best wishes and thanks for all
the work you do.
Barbara Lussier
Putnam, CT
Hi Dawn & Lucy:

Reba/Honey & Raven/Hester,  the Retriever/Chow puppies
that we adopted from Southpaws Express are doing
fantastic.  From day one, they have fit right into our family like
a glove.  I take them with me everywhere I go & tell everyone
what a great organization you have & what a wonderful
experience it was adopting puppies from you.  Right now I'm
dealing with a broken arm, but as soon as I can, I will write
more & send updated pictures of the girls who are growing
like weeds.  The day they came home, they were afraid of the
chickens & didn't know what to make of the horses; now they
strut right up to both species like there's no stopping them.

Keep up the great work & we'll talk soon.

Joyce & Tony Steele
Foster, RI
Jimmy is doing great!  Here's a picture of him
where he snuggles up in bed among on his
favorite blanket. He LOVES his long walk and
doggie treats.
Thank you so much for delivering him to us safely.
We can't imagine our family without him!

Julie & John K.
Scarsdale, NY