Hello, my name is Ann and I adoped an absolutely
wonderful little guy that is a pekingese and his name
is Harley.  I could not have chosen a more perfect
companion.  He is doing great, very happy in his
surroundings, has tons of energy when i play with
him and i come home from work.  He is so funny to
play with and watch and I couldn't love him more if
he were my natural born child.  I am so happy with
him and he is with me.  He follows me every step I
take and stays in every room I am in.  I can't express
just how friendly and loving he is and just how much
I love him.  We were made for each other and he
knows he has a forever home.  Ann S., Louisville, NC
I believe there are people that like dogs, and then there are
dog people.  I am a dog person, and I couldn't believe that
I'd lived in New York City for 8 years without a dog.  I finally
settled into an apartment that allowed pets and began my
search. I found Finn after a few weeks of searching for
either an Australian Cattle Dog or a Catahoula - neither are
particularly common in Brooklyn.  The thoughtful
description of his personality on his Dogster profile and his
smiley pictures were addictive.  I am happy to say that his
profile was completely accurate, and even more, that all my
fears were calmed by several emails back and forth with
Southpaws.  I never met a happier or more easy-going dog.  
A part of me thought I was nuts for adopting a dog sight
unseen, but I'm so happy that I did.  I'm really grateful to
Dawn & the Southpaws staff for the wonderful work that
they do.   --Emily H., Brooklyn, NY
First and foremost, thank you for choosing us to adopt Doella! She is an irreplaceable part of our family.
The last four months with her have been challenging, a lesson in patience and very rewarding... I wouldn't
have had it any other way.

Ella and Tate (our other rescued pit mix, who just turned one!) have hit it off from that very first night. They
love each other and are whiners when they can't be together. Ella is much more well behaved when he's
around. She actually failed her first Doggie Daycare temperment test without him. Fortunately, the
wonderful people at daycare wanted to try again with Tate there... and she passed! So, currently they both
attend one day a week.

Ella & Tate both loved our Flemish Giant Rabbit... Petey. Sadly, he passed away suddenly this weekend and
both have been looking for him since. Ella was fond of nibbling his ears in an effort to get him to play with
her (a tactic she uses on Tate) and Petey never minded one bit, always hopping out of his cage to say

She graduated from a Basic Manners class and will hopefully be moving on to agility this winter (she
needs the mental & physical work). Ella still has a few issues with strangers, and can't contain her
excitement when we arrive home or when seeing another dog. We are patient and consistent, and she
improves daily. We have found the key to her relaxation to be exercise. Consequently, we're nervous
about winter!

Finally, to anyone who is thinking of adopting a dog from Southpaws...... JUST DO IT! Dawn & Lucy are
fabulous to work with. They care about the dogs and finding the right homes for them... and are very good
at it! Not to mention they were patient with me and my many questions.
Also, a heartfelt thank you to Misty who loved our little girl until she came home!


Seekonk, MA
My family and I adopted Owen this summer.  He was meant to be our dog!  I knew it from the
moment I saw him that he was ours.  Owen was a surprise for my 3 boys.  We had been
researching for a dog for months but none of them seemed right until my husband and I saw
Owen.  He's a playful, cuddle-bug of a pup.  Our boys are doing well being responsible for
him (mostly)!  My family is beyond happy that we found Owen during a Petco Adoption
weekend.  We also have the extra satisfaction of knowing that Owen was a rescue dog.  Our
huge thanks to South Paws Express!
The Cohn's
We adopted Tucker from your site and
what a joy he is to have! He is now 5
months old and he is just a real
sweetheart. We couldn't imagine not
having him. We are from Long island NY
and we drove to Rhode island to get him
from you. Your ad on the site portrayed
everything exactly as you stated. He was
just perfect and we could tell he was
very well taken care of by his foster
parents before being given to us. We are
so thankful that we found your site and
you are doing wonderful things. Keep up
the work. Bless you all. Linda and Tony,
Blue Point NY