Last May my boyfriend and I bought our first home.  We knew
that we wanted to adopt a puppy who would love our new
house and big yard just as much as us.  I began my search on
adopt a pet this past November.  I talked to many adoption
agencies inquiring about a few different dogs.  Though
everyone who I talked to was helpful and kind, I was missing
that “feeling” you get when you, “just know”.  (The feeling I
had when I met my boyfriend, hehe).

I was close to taking a break from my puppy search when I came
across a picture of Robin.  I immediately began emailing with
Lucy, and I will never forget how she described my puppy-to-
be….”she solicits attention politely”.   It melted my heart. It
was Lucy’s description in combination with Robin’s photos that I
knew I had to make the trip to Rhode Island to meet her.

It took one look at Robin to know that I had found my puppy.

We have now had Peach (formally Robin) for two weeks.  We
could not have found a better dog.  She loves her new home
and as soon as all the snow melts we know she will love her big

Lucy and Dawn, thank you for everything.  What you do is
remarkable.  Though our encounter was short I will always think
of you both with a smile.

Karen and Brandon

My husband and I bought a house in January
and have been wanting to adopt a dog since
we moved in.  I kept looking on Petfinder at
hundreds of dogs when I came across Nick.  I
read his description and instantly fell in love.  
We ended up meeting him a couple days later
and that was it!  We knew right away that he
was the dog for us and we were definitely
right.  When we got him home, he was a little
reserved at first but it didn't take him long to
get comfortable with us (I'm sure my husband
spoiling him rotten didn't hurt either!). He is
so sweet, all he wants to do is be near you and
snuggle or get belly rubs.  He is so polite when
we have company over, he doesn't jump or
bark at anyone.  He will sit in front of you until
you are ready to pet him.  He is also very
smart and it does not take long to train him,
he has been great with house training.  He is
absolutely the perfect dog for us and I am so
thankful to Southpaws Express for giving us
the opportunity to adopt him!

Melissa & Matthew
Coventry, RI
I adopted "Goose" (renamed Sawyer) from you guys back in
February and thought since his 1st birthday is coming up I
should give you an update! He was a tiny little thing when
I got him, but at around 11 months he's pushing 60 lbs! He's
a big guy. He still thinks he's a tiny little lap dog though,
he's a cuddler. The sweetest dog you could imagine. All
kinds of goofy energy. He's so super sweet with children
(probably thanks to the little girl in his foster family!). I've
had him for about 8 months and I have never seen him
behave aggressively at all. He loves everyone and
everything he's ever met; people, dogs, cats, he even
tried to make friends with a skunk when we were camping
this summer! My experience with Southpaws was great,
and I'm so happy with the care Sawyer received with you!

Thank you!

Amy Sewell
of our heart for introducing us to Carter.
It really was love at first sight. He's
almost approaching his 2nd birthday and
he's grown into quite a big guy. 75lbs
and all muscle. He loves to cuddle
constantly and thinks he is a lap dog. He
has made friends with both of our cats
in the house. He loves running and going
on trips with Jay and I. Recently we
drove to Miami and back for a 2 week
vacation. Carter had a blast. He gets
around a lot to drive ins, Newport, and
most of the eastern seaboard. We
couldn't imagine our life with out our
little dude. Thank you again for

Samantha, Jay, and Carter (duck)