Hi......, just wanted to thank you
again for Jack (Zodiak). We love
him so much. As soon as we
brought him home he became part
of the family. He comes in and
plops down on the couch and tries
to lick my daughters face. We took
him to the vet and found out that he
is a pit bull mix. But he is still the
sweetest most gentle dog i have
ever seen. And I am truly grateful
that he's part of our family!!

Thank you

Shreveport, Louisiana
This is a late follow up to the fortunes of Louie.  You may recall that Louie is the Catahoula Leopard Dog (puppy) that
we decided to foster with the possibility of adopting.  Despite my wife's initial misgivings, we went ahead with the
adoption thinking that Louie would be a good addition to our rescue family (now eight dogs ... but not counting).  The
results have been more than a little interesting.

Louie is huge ... and still growing!  He towers over our Labs.  Our vet (knows the breed ... "he's not from around
here") says he has at least another three months of growth left.  My wife is so attached to Louie that I couldn't pry him
away if I wanted to.  Spoiled rotten!

Louie seems to typify the breed - highly active, very intelligent, extremely aggressive if provoked otherwise calm and
collected, a loyal and loving companion.  That said, into trouble in a moment.  His favorite friend is a Flat-Coated
Retriever named Benjamin who is so smart that I expect him to talk in the near future.  The combination is daunting!  I
am so taken with the breed that I would even entertain another puppy displaying similar characteristics to Louie.  The
payback is easily tenfold.

As you can well imagine, I have dealt with many rescue organizations.  None of them have come close to the concern,
interest and organization you and Lucy demonstrated.  I was very impressed, especially considering the heartbreak
any involvement in rescue can entail.  The model you are developing should be adopted and embraced throughout
the country.  So many dogs (and the people adopting them) would benefit.

Trust that all is well.  You and Lucy are often in our thoughts thanks to your adopted ambassador.


Pompton Plains, NJ