We adopted Liz, and since changed her name to Lola. She is
doll, and we love her very much. She has been a great
addition to our family. In the past few weeks, we've been busy
with a vet visit (perfect health), a trainer, a puppy
socialization class and many, many trips to the park. Lola was
shy and quiet when we first brought her home, but warmed
up right away. She is becoming more adventurous everyday.
We are thrilled that we found her with Southpaws Express
through petfinder.com. Thanks for doing all the work you do.

Dorchester, MA
Early on the 4th of July we met Dawn  and her
van of dogs.  We were very anxious to meet
our new dog, Diva (now named Sonora)! I was
nervous  about the dog because I didn't know
what she'd be like and if we'd hit it off.   But all
the info I got from Dawn, Lucy and Sonora's
foster mom made me feel better. Once
Sonora got out of the van she ran right over
to my husband and "hugged" his legs! I knew
the second I saw her that she was the one!
She is a great dog, my son loves her and we
love her and she is enjoying living  in the
mountains of Vermont!  Thanks to Dawn for
her great efforts to get these dogs to great
homes! For all the time she spends on the
road helping these dogs she deserves a
Thank you for such a wonderful dog!

Sue, Gil and Luke
Danby, VT
When we decided to look for a dog online and rescue
from a high kill shelter, we never imagined that it would
work out so well and go so smoothly. Our experience
has been so wonderful with Southpaws and now our
beautiful dog, Georgia. It was back in May when we
decided to get serious about finding a dog and after
searching for only a day, Georgia found me!  Her picture
and personality jumped out at me and I immediately fell
in love. Having been the proud owners of 2 Australian
Cattle Dogs for over 13 years, we were eager to get
another one. Georgia's smaller size and great
personaility traits as described in her Dogster profile
drew us to her. The detail with which Southpaws
explained her personailty and manner was so incredible,
down to a "T, we knew we had to have her. After filling
out adoption papers and corresponding via email, it was
decided that we would be her new family. Once decided,
Southpaws immediately pulled her from the shelter into a
foster home to become acclimated to home life. She
ended up moving to a second foster home for the last
few weeks before we got her and the foster family was
wonderful in providing us with page long updates and
pictures of our new girl!  Southpaws was more than
happy to put us in touch with the foster family which was
so helpful so that we had an idea of her needs when we
would get her. The hardest part was waiting for the
transport date. We waited nearly 4 weeks from when our
adoption was approved. It seemed like forever, but when
the van pulled up to bring all of the eager families their
dogs, the feeling was incredible. When Georgia popped
out of her crate and looked around for her next
adventure, I knew we had made the right choice!  She
has been a wonderful addition to our family. I would
highly recommend Southpaws for adoption to anyone
thinking of rescuing a dog. I can't thank Southpaws
enough for the amazing work that they do and for
bringing our dog "home" to us!  
Our best,
The Heffrons
Methuen, MA
It's been a little over two months since we adopted
lylah and I have to say our family could not be
happier. Me and my husband struggled back and
forth about getting another dog because we just
love our morgan so much (6yr old border collie)
but we noticed over time she was getting a little
slow staying in bed a little longer not so excited
about getting her daily walk or even playing. We
thought maybe getting a younger dog would revert
her back to a puppy. When I found lylah's picture
online after weeks of searching pounds and
shelters with no success I knew I had to adopt her.
We knew we were taking a big chance adopting a
dog we never met but you guys made it so easy.
Know after only a couple of months our morgan
has turned into a puppy herself and we enjoy our
daily outings and long walks on the bike path and
the big field they both like to let loose in so thank
you for everything.

Alyssa and Dave