It's been about a month since we picked up Pepper on a chilly
Easter Eve in Virginia. We've been learning how to be good
doggie parents and pack leaders and laughing the whole time.
She really is a very good dog, except when she's digging up the
new lily bulbs Alan planted, or finding the nastiest seagull carcass
on the beach to roll in. Her favorite thing to do is launch into the
Bay and roll in the sand. She's happiest when chewing on a bone
or napping on the couch. We love her and she's added a whole
new dimension to our lives.

At any rate, we're so happy to have her, and as Alan said, I picked
a good one. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.
We are completely THRILLED with our new dog, Toby.  He is
just so fun and playful.  He wants to be near us all the time and
seems to be so happy here.  We are so glad that we decided
to rescue a dog rather than go through a breeder.  It feels like
we saved his life and we can't imagine our lives without him!

Thank you so much for all of the hard work you do to rescue
these beautiful dogs.  

Mansfield, MA
Thank you so much for our new puppy. We have
named him Guinness and he is a wonderful addition to
our family. His personality was just as you described
The kids just love him and he has been so patient with
all of the attention. Our older dog has been great with
him and he with her. We had forgotten how adorable a
new puppy can be. As I write this email he is nipping at
my feet to come play.  Thank you again.

The McCue Family
Shrewsbury, MA
I adopted Paddy from Southpaws Express a few months ago.  Adopting an older, pound puppy from people I had
never met and getting a dog without ever meeting it from a state sooo far away was a decision that had a few, huge,
hesitations.  I spoke to Lucy and Dawn quite a few times and they both made me feel like I was doing the right thing. I
did worry that it was some sort of scam because I thought "who would put this much effort into finding dogs new
homes!"  I was told all kinds of bad stories about adopting a dog this way and I worried that maybe I should go to a
local shelter.
I checked on my puppy, Paddy, almost daily.  I clicked on her picture a million times, telling myself that I was doing the
right thing and she was real and she was coming.
Because of Lucy and Dawn and their true passion for saving dogs, I have a great dog sleeping under my desk as I
write this story.  She really did come home from such a far away place.  Meeting Dawn on the rainy, Sunday
afternoon, seeing how tired she was and how many dogs she was transporting to their new homes, I was amazed and
after getting Paddy home and when all the dust settled, I cried.  I had believed in these two women and I helped save
this puppy!
Paddy is a lot of work but worth every chewed shoe and  phone book (that one was funny).  She has endless energy
that we try to funnel  and get her to focus.  She shows us every day that she loves us and we try to love her without
spoiling her too much.  I knew that getting an older puppy would be harder then a baby puppy and I have gotten a lot
of good advice from a great dog trainer and every day gets easier.  Just because they aren't in that cute puppy stage
doesn't mean that those older puppies don't deserve a chance.  All puppies grow up and become adult dogs and it's
up to us, as owner, to be responsible and give these dogs every opportunity to shine!!!!!

Hopkinton, RI