About Our Rescue Group...
Southpaws is the brainchild of highly rescue-experienced women, one coming from a southern shelter background and the other from New England breed rescue. We try our
best to combine our experience to do right by dogs in high kill shelter regions while paying tribute to the New England protocols that put dog rescue so successfully on the

We are, and prefer to remain, small, pulling only a few dogs at a time and offering individualized attention to our prospective adopters. A commonality we share is that we
are both "big picture" people, a core belief being that every dog we take in, and every adoption we complete, should move rescue forward. We believe in great ambassador
dogs for rescue, happy adopters, and an adoption process that is both experienced and caring. We are not rigid or inflexible, and it is always our goal to build advocacy for

Our Adoption Process...
Southpaws is a progressive rescue that prides itself on a personalized application process. We strive to make it friendly, and assist with good matching advice and
direction, catered to the individual....the individual dog and adopter. Our application is available on the southpawsexpress.org site, and introductory emails always are
welcomed to Lucy at maramuser@gmail.com. Our standard adoption fee is $450, which helps defray the weighty cost of transporting our foster dogs up north from their high
kill southern environments and providing an excellence of vet care, but some dogs will be discounted, due to age or exceptional needs.

We Serve the Following Cities, Towns, and/or Counties...
All eastern states, primarily focusing upon the New England region. We have adopted as far down as Pennsylvania and as far up as Canada!!!
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